Edge Orchestration Tool.

Edge Computing

Edge computing forms a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the location needed, rather than relying on a central location.


With the increase in the number of connected devices, 5G growth, and the necessity of cloud use, Edge computing constitutes a perfect solution for the inevitable network congestion, cloud overload, and security concerns.


Edge computing increases privacy and security, scalability, reliability, speed and efficiency compared to the more centralized cloud approach.

Use cases

Smart cities, autonomous vehicles, smart factories, federated learning, distributed storage.


Edge Orchestration Tool (EOT) manages the edge computing environment and its elements. EOT is a platform that brings together node, service and device orchestration and management through the intuitive Web UI and the exposed API. The main features are Automatic node discovery, Node management, Service deployment and management, QoS-aware service placement, and Device management.

Orchestration Solution

Our goal is to enable the simple orchestration for the Edge computing network (ECN) of geographically distributed edge nodes (EN), providing an optimal edge service (ES) and keeping the running services available.

Edge orchestration is responsible for:
  • Managing computing resources and storage of nodes in an ECN
  • Locating the optimal node to provide the ES, deploying the ES to EN and assuring the full-time availability of ES
  • Ensuring that in every moment, the optimal node is running the ES
We differentiate our orchestration tool with:
  • Lightweight software applicable for resource-constrained edge nodes
  • Integration of both node, service and device management into a single solution
  • Deployment of edge nodes in private networks
  • QoS-aware service placement
  • Deployment complexity

EOT for Developers

ONow, developers can check the service performance and logs in a central place. EOT SDK is used to adjust or develop new apps that can integrate nodes where those apps are deployed into an edge network through SDK.

EOT for DevOps / System Administrators

EOT simplifies the deployment process as everything can be managed through the EOT without any need to connect to the edge nodes directly. Compared to other tools, the system deployment is simplified as the controller (in this case, EOT) is already deployed and exposed through the Web application and the API. The administrator only has one task to install the EN agent, which will automatically connect to the EOT. EOT comes with a built-in monitoring solution to analyze the resources and data traffic and detect anomalies.

EOT for Project managers

EOT provides dashboards with various graphs and maps to keep track of the complete system and analyze progress. It enables creating custom alarms and notifications upon unexpected behaviour.

Recent News

Every day we're reaching new goals and looking for new challenges in our edge computing journey.
  • The Beta Is Out

    EOT Beta version is out. Our beta testers are working hard while our development team is adjusting the EOT features for our first use cases. We'll release a new version, modified for the smart city sensors and the autonomous vehicles specific needs.
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